Blue Lanes Procedure

In Summary, yachts must apply and be approved before embarking toward Fiji, approval is not automatic and each application will be specifically assessed. Applications MUST BE THROUGH AN AGENT, yachts must have insurance and meet other normal border, visa and Bio-security requirements.

The three registered Yacht Agents in Fiji processing cruiser applications are:

The announcement of this “Blue Lane” for yachts and superyachts requires a COVID test at the port of embarkation, there is then a 14 day quarantine period with time at sea counted, yacht crews may undertake quarantine aboard. A health check will be required, and a RT-PCR test may been undertaken with costs to be met by yachts. The vessel is required to have uninterrupted passage to Fiji which will be verified through their AIS, every crew onboard is required to download FijiCare App for contact tracing prior to departure.

Port Denarau Marina stands as one of Fiji’s port of entry.. You will find a video of the procedures here.

All yachts and small crafts arriving into Fiji from overseas must first obtain an approval to enter Fiji through their registered Fiji Yacht Agent. Upon approval and once health has cleared the vessel from quarantine, the vessel will be allowed to dock at Port Denarau Marina to fulfil inbound clearance requirements.
Full procedures can be found on the Sail Fiji site, together with swab test requirements and test result format. 
All yachts and crafts entering Fiji are subject to import clearance requirements and the payment of customs duty on arrival unless the vessel is being cleared as a “bona fide tourist” under customs code 228.